At Baceline, we are re-imagining neighborhood shopping centers from the ground up. We don’t just acquire, lease and manage buildings. We invest in centers where people truly want to be—places that deliver experiences, provide conveniences and inspire and improve communities.
Our properties at a glance

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$ million assets under management

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Baceline Group Invesments

Strategic Acquisitions

Our proven approach to retail real estate investing focuses exclusively on one segment: small-format, unanchored, e-commerce-resistant, last-mile neighborhood retail.

Baceline Group Leasing

Industry Leading

Our extensive property portfolio makes us the largest owners and operators of small-format necessity-based neighborhood shopping centers in the United States.

Baceline Group Property Management

Investor Aligned

To ensure that our interests are aligned with our partners’, we bring the strengths of our network, capital and operating expertise to bear on all our investments.

Baceline Group Property Management

Operational Expertise

We use our operational expertise in real assets to enhance cash flows, increase the value of our underlying assets and produce solid long-term returns for our investors.

Leading the Way

Our Unique Approach


With our 20+ year track record in neighborhood shopping center investing, we’ve cultivated a deep knowledge of this highly-lucrative, niche market—and we put that expertise to work for you.


We deliver superior returns by leveraging our operating expertise and focusing exclusively on resilient, value-rich neighborhood shopping centers. By targeting untapped, vibrant communities resilient to volatility, we generate stable and growing distributions for our investors.


Our experienced, multidisciplinary teams integrate themselves into our communities, so they can understand their needs… and ensure our investments benefit everyone.


From global brands, to boutique independent retailers to workplaces and warehouses, we bring together the best aspects and amenities in neighborhood real estate to create the places people truly want to be.


Thanks to our in-house leasing agents, property managers and tenant services providers, we have the resources needed to ensure maximum value for investors, tenants, and communities alike.


By holding our business to the highest standards of sustainability, we’re helping to build a brighter future. Because we’re not simply here to talk about our responsibility to the planet—we’re here to make it a reality.

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